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Last year for the 10th Anniversary of my Missileman character, I released the Missileman 10th Anniversary Package. This year, we now have everything else!

The Everything Else Collection is a massive archive of nearly every single non-Missileman game I've ever created, ranging from when I've just been getting my bearings in elementary school to finally being able to create fully-fledged video games and release them on storefronts.

Not counting files left editable and uncompiled, there are over 147 playable games in this zip folder. While the majority of them have been publicly released, you can also find plenty of games that have never seen the light of day; some are even test builds or remained unfinished. 

Whatever the case may be, there sure is a lot to play around with and discover!


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The Everything Else Collection.zip 1,007 MB
Games from 2007.zip 48 MB
Games from 2008.zip 33 MB
Games from 2009.zip 88 MB
Games from 2010.zip 20 MB
Games from 2011.zip 90 MB
Games from 2012 (updated).zip 159 MB
Games from 2013.zip 33 MB
Games from 2014.zip 39 MB
Games from 2015.zip 181 MB
Games from 2016.zip 169 MB
Games from 2017.zip 98 MB
Games from 2018.zip 70 MB
Games from 2019.zip 20 MB
Android games.zip 453 MB

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