Originally released in 2003, Crash Nitro Golf was a browser game for the now-defunct website, Candystand.com. It was released in the website's prime, back when it was owned by Life Savers.

Lost in time since then, I remade the game from scratch so it can be played on modern computers and Android devices! This is a faithful remake with subtle differences, most notably in how it controls. To play, you use the mouse to aim and hit the ball towards that direction. The further the mouse cursor is pulled back, the bigger the shot. For Android, use your finger!


Crash Nitro Golf.exe 12 MB
Crash Nitro Golf.apk 37 MB


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Browser controls are a little wonky but still love the effort. I have very veuge memories of the original from candy stand but thought it was all a fever dream until now. Glad you made this!