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I wanted to complete the game, but I got stuck on a wall while walljumping two separate times, and I just couldn't be bothered to try a third time.

Looks great!  You have a little over 4 days to port this to OUYA for our 2021 Winter Game Jam :)

Wow, it's been ages since I've written a review for any game, let alone one of your games. Can't believe it's been like five years since Missileman Origins came out.

Areas of Strength:

  • I always enjoy your style of storytelling; comical and doesn't take itself too seriously. Presentation of those stories has improved over the years.
  • Emotive character animation. I love the animation where Jessie is shaking up Dr. Otto for his incompetence!
  • Speaking of that, Dr. Otto no longer being another Dr. Wily clone and now just a well-intending doof breaks out of the mold.
  • Level design has seen an improvement since Dynamite Alex and Missileman Origins.
  • Visuals and environment design are improved too. No more scrolling game map images for level backgrounds!
  • Senioritis shoutout is always appreciated.

Area to Improve:

  • Sound mixing could use some fixing. Too many loud, sharp sounds.
  • Have a consistent audio style. Some sounds are chiptune (coins, while others are sampled (enemy shoot). 
  • I think there should've been a better plot reason for the red/blue level's existence other than a random wormhole. It kind just interrupts the flow and tone of the experience.
  • Speaking of the red/blue level, the flash effect for the red objects is less visible than the blue blocks. Maybe it's just my display, but worth looking into.

Gosh, it's been ages since I've made a Christmas game. Senioritis does have a Christmas level, though.